About us
Medical Billing 
Skinner Medical Billing and Consulting has been helping medical practices increase their cash flow, submit clean and accurate claims for rapid reimbursements, and reduce stress related to medical billing and coding operations. We stay up-to-date on current billing regulations, practices, and trends for a smooth billing process.

Here at Skinner Medical Billing and Consulting we see many practices struggling financially. Our vision is to maximize your reimbursements by providing an exceptional level of service that will increase your financial income, allowing you to assist patients rather than struggle with billing. We are continuously striving to provide an exceptional services by keeping our staff and Providers informed about changes in billing practices that ensure their compliance for maximum and faster reimbursement from all sources. This ensures greater efficiency and overall ease in operations.

Let us show you how we can increase your cash flow and revenues, save you money and greatly improve your office operations.